Albert Heinrich Steiner 1905–1996

Werner Oechslin, ed.
Albert Heinrich Steiner 1905–1996
Architekt – Städtebauer – Lehrer

2001. 22.5 x 30 cm, softcover with flap
260 pages, 412 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-107-3
CHF 94.00 / EUR 88.00

Selected and commented catalogue of works, complete index of works

Preface by Werner Oechslin
Contributions by Gerd Albers, Angelus Eisinger, Carl Fingerhut, Werner Oechslin, Andreas Steiner, Martin Tschanz, Ruedi Weidmann
Designed by Philippe Mouthon and Angelika Wey-Bomhard


As a master builder of Zurich, A. H. Steiner introduced new urban building regulations and pushed ahead with the gradual transformation of the city centre into a business city. Steiner’s settlement plans in the outer districts and the Heiligfeld III settlement, Zürich’s first mixed-use housing estate, attracted wide interest among experts.