Die Doldertalhäuser: Ein Hauptwerk des Neuen Bauens in Zürich

Arthur Rüegg
Ein Hauptwerk des neuen Bauens in Zürich. Die Doldertalhäuser 1932 – 1936

Zwei Mehrfamilienhäuser für den gehobenen Mittelstand von Alfred & Emil Roth und Marcel Breuer
1996. 27 x 23 cm, softcover with flap
151 pages, 304 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-070-0
CHF 60.00 / EUR 40.00

With contributions by Andres Giedion and Alfred Roth
Designed by Arthur Rüegg and Philippe Carrard


The apartment buildings in the Doldertal are witnesses of regional and international modernity in the 1930s. The building history and the renovation and restoration accompanied by Arthur Rüegg are documented with planning material and photographs.