Die drei Leben des Saffa-Hauses: Lux Guyers Musterhaus von 1928

Die drei Leben des Saffa-Hauses
Lux Guyers Musterhaus von 1928

2006. 23.5 x 28.5 cm, hardcover
100 pages, 72 illustrations, 3 colour charts, 1 DVD (52 min.)
ISBN 978-3-85676-198-1
CHF 38.00 / EUR 35.00

Forewords by Caspar Hürlimann and Andreas Tönnesmann
Contributions by Felix Fuchs, Dorothee Huber, Daniel Scheidegger, Rita Schiess, Beate Schnitter, Katrin Trautwein, Philip Ursprung
Designed by Tania Prill with Ursina Landolt and Lukas Zimmer


Lux Guyer (1894–1955) – the first female architect in Switzerland – planned and realised the exhibition city for SAFFA 1928, the first Swiss exhibition for women’s work. The publication pays tribute to the architecture of this pioneering work, records the background to its creation and is a report of the exemplary restoration by Beate Schnitter.