Eternit Schweiz: Architektur und Firmenkultur seit 1903

Eternit Schweiz, Architektur und Firmenkultur seit 1903
Dokumentation von 49 ausgewählten Bauten

2003. 23 x 27 cm, clothbound
272 pages, 374 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-115-8
CHF 69.00 / EUR 65.00

Forewords by Anders Holte and Werner Oechslin
Contributions by Claudio Affolter, Christoph Bignens, Marcus Casutt, Michael Hanak, Sonja Hildebrand, Bruno Krucker, Bruno Maurer, Arthur Rüegg, Miroslav Šik, Walter Zschokke, Stefan Zwicky
Designed by Bernet & Schönenberger

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This publication traces the architects’ examination of Eternit: from the first attempts to explore the possibilities of the material (for example by Le Corbusier, Hans Leuzinger, Marcel Breuer), through the codification of ‘eternit-compatible’ building in Ernst Neufert’s handbooks, to the examination of the current architectural scene with the latest product generation.