Haefeli Moser Steiger

Sonja Hildebrand, Bruno Maurer,
Werner Oechslin, eds.
Haefeli Moser Steiger
Die Architekten der Schweizer Moderne

2007. 22.5 x 30 cm, hardcover
464 pages, 840 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-205-6
CHF 96.00 / EUR 90.00

Catalogue of works and complete index of works

Foreword by Christian Brändle and Werner Oechslin
Contributions by Nicole Caminada, Sonja Hildebrand, Sibylle Hoiman, Monika Isler, Andres Janser, Bruno Maurer, Marcel Meili, Werner Oechslin, Arthur Rüegg, Marie-Dina Salvione-Deschamps, Andreas Schätzke, Miroslav Šik, David Wyss
Photoessay by Georg Aerni
Designed by Philippe Mouthon


The three Zurich architects Max Ernst Haefeli (1901–1976), Werner Max Moser (1896–1970) and Rudolf Steiger (1900–1982) made a major contribution to establishing modernity in Switzerland. In addition, they repeatedly succeeded in giving new and sustainable impulses to national and international architecture in the decades that followed.