Hochschulstadt Zürich: Bauten für die ETH 1855–2005

Werner Oechslin, ed.
Hochschulstadt Zürich
Bauten für die ETH 1855–2005

2005. 24 x 28 cm, half cloth
248 pages, 500 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-154-7
CHF 65.00 / EUR 61.00

With an index of the ETH buildings and projects catalogue by Baumschlager & Eberle, Alfred Friedrich Bluntschli, Burkhalter & Sumi, Campi & Pessina, Kees Christiaanse, Fosco Fosco-Oppenheim Vogt, Christophe Girot, Gustav Gull, Roland Rohn, Alfred Roth, Otto Rudolf Salvisberg, Gottfried Semper, Albert Heinrich Steiner, Untertrifaller & Dietrich

Preface by Werner Oechslin
Contributions by Bernd Altmann, Ivica Brnić, Florian Graf, Theresia Gürtler Berger, Christina Gutbrod, Michael Hanak, Isabel Haupt, Sonja Hildebrand, Bruno Maurer, Matthias Noell, Werner Oechslin, Wolfgang Rossbauer, Andreas Tönnesmann, Philipp Tscholl, Dieter Weidmann, Daniel Weiss
Designed by Philippe Mouthon and Angelika Wey-Bomhard


A significant part of the history of ETH Zurich can be seen in its buildings. A closer look also shows how important and formative the university buildings have been for the city since the Semper Building was built like a crown over Zurich’s old town. However, the publication also looks to the future, to the Science City project, which will expand ETH Zurich as Switzerland’s attractive place for thought and culture worldwide.