Trix + Robert Haussmann: Kultur der Formgebung

Gabriela Güntert, Bruno Maurer,
Arthur Rüegg, eds.
Trix + Robert Haussmann
Kultur der Formgebung

2017. 25 x 30.5 cm, clothbound
380 pages, 973 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-360-2
CHF 130.00 / EUR 130.00

Foreword by Laurent Stalder
Contributions by Gabriela Güntert, Sonja Hildebrand, Bettina Köhler, Claude Lichtenstein, Bruno Maurer and Sabine Sträuli, Alessandro Mendini, Renate Menzi, Stanislaus von Moos, Urs B. Roth, Arthur Rüegg, Gabrielle Schaad, Marie Theres Stauffer, Juri Steiner
Designed by Philippe Mouthon


The creativity of Trix and Robert Haussmann is contagious. In architecture, interior design and product design, as well as in exhibition installations and the pleasurable play with language, the curiosity to experiment finds expression. The versatility and quality of her internationally acclaimed oeuvre, its theoretical foundation and critical potential are unique in the Swiss context.
In their search for new means of expression beyond modernism, which was perceived as dogmatic, Trix and Robert Haussmann found what they were looking for in history, especially in the art of Mannerism. They dealt intensively with historical approaches to design and forms, which they first tested experimentally in object-like ‘didactic pieces’ before applying in concrete projects.